Flat-Fee Trademark
Application Packages

Securing a federal trademark registration is a crucial investment for your business. It not only protects your brand but also helps in building brand recognition and consumer trust. At Indie Law, our flat-fee trademark registration packages offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to safeguard their brands.

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Our Flat-Fee Packages Include:

(1) Comprehensive Trademark Search & Report

In 3 days or less, we'll conduct a thorough trademark availability search. This ensures there are no pre-existing trademarks that could cause your application to be denied. We'll then send you a report translate our legal findings into plain English so that you can understand the potential success of your application

(2) Personalized Drafting of Your Trademark Application

Once the search is complete, our team of experienced trademark attorneys will get to work on your application. Rest assured that we'll tailor your application to your specific needs while maximizing your chances of securing the trademark registration.

(3) Filing and Tracking Your Federal Trademark Application

Once you approve the application, we will file it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Prior to filing, you will then pay the USPTO filing fee of $350 per class of goods/services. Indie Law will then monitor your trademark application throughout the process, so you can focus on your business.

(4) Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions

If the USPTO issues any non-substantive Office Actions regarding your application, we will respond on your behalf.

(5) Sending Your Trademark Registration Certificate

When your trademark is registered, we will celebrate with you and send you the registration certificate from the USPTO.

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Benefits of Trademark Registration

Registering your trademark with the USPTO provides numerous benefits:

  • Use of the ® symbol to deter infringers and receive legal protections from the USPTO
  • Inclusion in the USPTO online database, reducing the risk of competitors adopting a similar name
  • Creation of a tangible asset for your business
  • Establishment of a basis for trademark rights in other countries and enhanced international protection options
  • Potential recording with US Customs and Border Protection to prevent counterfeit imports
  • Ability to sue in US District Court
  • Strengthened cease and desist letters to infringers
  • Reduced probability of being sued for infringement
  • Conveyance that your brand is legitimate and worthy of protection

Why Your Business Needs a Trademark

  • Trademark registration is especially valuable for small businesses that may not have the funds for litigation.
  • Working with an experienced trademark attorney increases the odds of success.
  • The application process takes more than a year on average.
  • You can begin the application process before making any sales.
  • The sooner you start the application process, the better.

Protect your brand with trademark registration.

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Without trademarks, you have ZERO rights to your brand. 

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