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Can You Challenge a Trademark Application?

Mar 04, 2024

In the complex and competitive world of trademarks, protecting your brand's identity is paramount. Indie Law, a trademark firm, frequently encounters scenarios where clients discover potentially conflicting trademark applications. The desire to challenge these applications is common, yet many are unaware of the effective strategies available to them. This article sheds light on a particularly efficient method to oppose a trademark application, likened to the critical moment at a wedding when the officiant asks if anyone objects to the union.

Understanding the Trademark Application Timeline

The journey of a trademark application is neither short nor simple. Typically spanning 12 to 18 months—or sometimes even longer—the process involves meticulous examination by the trademark office. After conducting a thorough analysis, the trademark office reaches a crucial phase where it tentatively approves the application. However, approval is not immediate. Instead, a critical window is opened—a period that serves as the last line of defense for those who wish to protect their own trademarks from potential infringement.

The 30-Day Opposition Window: Your Moment to Act

This pivotal phase in the trademark application process can be best understood through a familiar scenario encountered in wedding ceremonies. Just as a priest invites objections from attendees before pronouncing a couple married, the trademark office similarly announces a 30-day opposition period. During this time, anyone with concerns about a trademark potentially infringing on their rights has the opportunity to voice their objections. This window is not only a built-in safeguard within the trademark registration process but also a cost-effective avenue for opposition.

It's important to note that while most trademark applications pass through this phase unchallenged, those that do face opposition are typically contested within this timeframe. The stakes are high, as the outcome of such challenges can significantly impact the involved parties' ability to use and protect their trademarks.

The Strategy: Timely and Informed Action

For businesses and individuals looking to oppose a trademark application, awareness and timing are crucial. Discovering a conflicting application early allows for adequate preparation to mount an effective opposition. Collaborating with a specialized trademark attorney is essential in navigating this process. An experienced legal professional can help identify the opposition window for a specific application and devise a strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of the case.


The trademark registration process embodies a delicate balance between fostering innovation and protecting intellectual property rights. The 30-day opposition period serves as a critical juncture, ensuring that the rights of existing trademark holders are considered before granting new trademarks. For those facing potential conflicts, understanding this process and taking decisive action within this window can make the difference between safeguarding your brand and facing unwanted legal battles. Engaging with a knowledgeable trademark attorney to guide you through this process is not just advisable; it's a strategic necessity in the intricate arena of trademark law.

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