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Can You Lose Your Trademark Rights?

Mar 26, 2024

In the world of business, trademarks are like special badges that show who really owns a brand's special symbols, logos, and names, keeping others from using them without permission. But there's a catch: you can actually lose the rights to your trademark, and it can happen in many ways. One of the most common, yet entirely preventable, ways this happens is by forgetting to renew your trademark on time.

Getting your trademark registered is a big win for your business because it keeps your brand safe. But, you have to keep an eye on those renewal deadlines. If you miss them, your trademark registration can be canceled. You lose your rights to the trademark and will have to start over with a new application, going through the whole registration process again.

Here's a quick look at how renewing your trademark works. After your trademark is registered, you have from the fifth to the sixth year to file for renewal. Then, you need to renew it every ten years after that. This process is important because it shows the trademark office that you're still using the mark in your business.

My top advice? Work with a trademark lawyer. They're not just there to help you apply for and get your trademark; they can also keep track of these renewal deadlines for you. Choose a law firm that stays with you even after your trademark is registered. They'll remind you when it's time to renew, helping you avoid losing your trademark over something as simple as a forgotten deadline.

In short, having your trademark registered protects your brand, but you need to stay on top of renewal deadlines to keep that protection. Missing a renewal deadline can mean losing your trademark rights and having to start the registration process all over again. To keep your trademark safe, work with a trademark lawyer who can help you remember those important deadlines.

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